Catalog Website

Catalog Website


Catalog Website

  • Home Page with Slider
  • About Us
  • Product Categories
  • Products Details
  • Projects / Portfolio
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Us
  • Google map location to your company


This is a catalog or portfolio website where you can brand your company and display a lot of information about your products, portfolio and company information.

This would many businesses with products, or catalog, where you would like to display to your prospective clients. This suits construction companies, interior decor companies, restaurants, engineering companies, medical equipment companies, insurance companies, wedding planners, Fashion Designers, shipping companies, import/export companies, home automation, photographers, beauty centers, lawyers, auditors and others with similar needs.

Home Page with Slider:
You can display beautiful images of your product or services in a large size slider that will act as your showcase.

About Us:
A small paragraph about yourself or your company to introduce yourself to your clients.

Product Categories:
 Categorize your products by category or brand. You can even have subcategories if needed.

Products Details:
Add images for your product and description. Full product details for each product will encourage your prospect clients to see what you offer in detail and help to convert prospects to clients.

Projects / Portfolio:
If you offer projects instead of products, such as interior designers, engineers, construction, or even wedding planners, here you can create projects or portfolio to display the work you have done.

Photo Gallery:
You can display beautiful images with or without categories to show your products or services. This is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitors by standing out with your unique images.

Contact Us:
Your address, telephone and email, where clients can contact you. You can also have a contact form where visitors can fill in their details, and you would receive the inquiries by email.

Google Map:
Your location can be displayed on Google maps and linked to Google maps so that prospective clients can easily find you.