Mobile Apps

Websites Create Awareness, Apps Sell

App Development

We provide progressive web apps (PWA) and mobile apps (android and IOS) that can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.

The Stats

Research shows that most searches are made on-the-go while commuting or waiting rather than during free time when there’s access to a laptop. So it’s more likely that a customer will look up a product/service on their smartphone.​

Easy To use

Apps are quick, interactive and easy to navigate. Having an app for your business will push some customers to choose you over other brands that don’t have one. Websites help to create brand awareness, especially through social media, but apps are where a big share of the sales happens.


Better connection with customers: easily interact, share and connect with them. High engagement levels: customers can review, comment, message, create a “favorites” list, etc. Increased recognition and customer loyalty: through constant reminders and notifications.

Additional Benefits

• Graphical interface that is easy to navigate
• instant access to info
• Appealing designs that enhances the user experience
• Custom pages with text and images
• Contact form results sent by email
• Attractive Photo Gallery
• Image Slider

• Product / Service list pages
• Categories > subcategories > items with details and images
• Online mobile order and shopping cart
• Click to call
• Click to email
• Video gallery
• Show and hide a featured page
• Locations on Google map

• Intro splash page
• Ability to read from your website database through integration
• Automatic Mobile Redirection from your website to the app if your website is being viewed on a device
• QR codes for promotion and easy access to your app
• Social Sharing
• Push Notifications